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My personal truth about writing

I love writing. I love taking English classes in college and I absolutely can't stop reading. But this is in large is met with groans of misery from friends, family, and strangers. It is a world that I can live in where the craziness of this world just does not exist. Yeah, each story has their own craziness attached with it. But it is a break from the stresses of the world for me. Not escapism, but a break.

That is where my writing takes me too. It takes me to a place that I can create and react to the situations that I choose. Wishing someone would step up and be the hero in the middle school and fight that bully, yeah I will write that. Got issue with not enough diversity when it comes middle grade novels? Yeah, I will write that too.

Writing is my tool to completely and utterly communicate with this world and the people around it. To show that we can be all inclusive to everyone that lives on this planet and still tell a story. It isn't about not including everyone, but it is about showing that the world is a diverse place.

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