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Current Projects

Rangers of the Witchwoods: Blood Witch

Theo's first mission as a Ranger is to the city of Marquees where he has been hired to slay a monster that is eating the cities cattle. However, the warm welcome he anticipated wasn't there. As a motherless, who's mothers were slaughtered in a blood sacrifice, he bore the scar on his face and is unable to hide from the cruelty of the city. Theo has to combat his own internal instincts to fight against the city and the mistreatment of the orphans and motherless while trying to unweave the web of lies the city Patriarch, Bishop Taggart, has weaved. Fighting with monsters, humans, and his own short comings, Theo mission as a Ranger uncovers the truth of his parents death and what he really is.

Rangers of the Witchwoods is a fantasy novel that weaves sword and sorcery while tackling important societal issues. This a fresh blend of classic fantasy tales and contemporary fantasy. 

American Crusade: 

Crusades are nothing more than the expelling of evil. Evil that exist within societies through the protection of those that can weave magic. At least, that is what Cayden had always believed. Spending fifteen years as a crusader, Cayden rose to the ranks of a Red Templar, one of the highest knights in his Order. But everything he knew came crashing down when he was taken hostage while fighting against a group of rebels known as Dorian's Flame. 

It only took two weeks for Cayden to go from healthy, to violently ill, and then weaving magic himself. He was freed from the bonds that his nation, one that he spent near decades defending, had lied and suppressed his own magic for their own gains. 

Now Cayden Webb has joined the ranks of Dorian's Flame in a fight against the American Crusaders to restore the balance of magic back to the world. 

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