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My tip to combat writer's block

Updated: Feb 17, 2019

This is a super simple exercise that I have learned to do when I feel I am hitting a writers block.

Keep writing.

I blew your mind huh? Keep writing when you have writers block.

When you have writer's block it could be mean several things. One of the most common things I run into is the simple fact that I don't have the necessary brain capacity in order to continue with that scene or story line. But writing is a muscle and it is very valuable skill set that constantly needs to be worked on.

Keep writing even if it is straight to the trash material, or if it is another story, even if it is just writing an email or letter to someone else.

By keeping your brain going in a forward momentum, these writing blocks will lessen in frequency and time. You never know, you could find a fix to the problem in your current Work in Progress (WIP) but writing an email to your parental units, siblings, friend, etc.

Keep pushing. Never doubt yourself. Never give up. And never surrender the pen.

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