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Nick Bright


     I am an author in the science fiction, cyberpunk, and fantasy genres. With Marshall Carr, I founded the Just Keep Writing podcast in 2019. We are a podcast full of writers that uplift and build marginalized voices in the industry. We discuss craft, conduct author interviews, and even share some insights on the state of the publishing world.

     My writing will always remain my passion as I grow and learn new skills to improve my craft. I can't help but write about the important things in my life; homelessness, at risk youth, building communities, and combating PTSD with fellow veterans. 

        In more recent new though, I have graduated with an MFA in Creative Writing from Western Colorado University (2023). I currently have a completed novel that is out for beta reads and looking to query before the end of 2023. But this isn't the only thing that I want to do. I want to be able to help provide what I've learned through a MFA and teach it to others in multiple capacities. Keep on the look out for a recorded workshop that is coming in in the beginning of 2024.



Cancer Survivor

Courage, dear heart

C.S. Lewis

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