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Maximize Writing Time

Having time to write can sometimes be an impossible task when you work 40 hours a week at a job to pay your bills and feed yourself/family. With such a busy schedule there are ways for you to maximize the use of what time you do have. Here are a few symbol tips and tricks to maximize your writing time.

1. Plan Ahead

Plan the night before what you want to write. Think about the scene, the characters, what they are going through, and the situation that they are in. Plan what you want write about. When you do get that chance to sit down and write, you can just put "pen to paper" right away and write until your time is up. This is especially useful for small breaks throughout the workday.

2. Word Sprint

If you are on a short break or you know you have an hour or less, a word sprint is a great way to write the entire time. If you're anything like me, you can get caught up on the small stuff such as names or trying to describe something you aren't too familiar with. Easy way around with. When you come across something in a word sprint you give a slight stumble on it, put brackets in the text instead waiting and trying to figure it out. [Brackets] can indicate that you need to come back later and fix that issue.

3. "Radio" Silence

Radio Silence is simple. Turn off all your devices, close all programs other than what you use for writing. This will make sure you that you don't have any other distractions going and you can just focus os your writing. As a close writing friend said. "...put phone on flight mode, close all programs /browsers except writing program. Start timer and write for that while time no matter how shit it is." Again, [brackets] will help you get through this and fix the bad things later.

Do you have any writing tips for our #writingcommunity that you want share? Use the #JustKeepWriting and #WritingCommunity to let us what you do to maximize your writing time.

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