• Nicholas Bright

Into the unknown...

There is always a time in life when you are liberated from your job. This may come in many forms.

You quit.

You were fired.

You were laid off.

You retired.

And others I can't think of at this time.

During this Covid19 Pandemic that is plaguing the world is going to be a well of knowledge for later use. It is something some of us are going to have a hard time. This can come in many forms though. It can come through your own health; you either contacted it or you are considered in one of the high risk groups, it is an extremely scary time.

If you lost your job due to the economy being shut down.

Many things will be effecting you. But look back at this point and reflect. Some of us are just beginning our journey on the hero's path. Some of us are finally able to relax a bit and enjoy the stats quo. Others are the heroes through out the country. How nice is it as writers in this world that we are getting first hand experience that push our characters into a new chapters in their life.

Journaling might be one of the most important things you can do right now in order to remember exactly how it felt to go through everything right now. When reflecting back on these crazy times, you will want the most accurate account. What better way than to look back at what you were experiencing in the moment. Take what you are going through now and use it for your future developments for character or plot arcs.

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